On November 7, a conference entitled “The Artsakh Issue Today” took place.

The Prime Minister of the  Republic of Western Armenia Seda Melikyan made an opening speech at the conference, then President Armenak Abrahamyan presented the topic of the conference in more detail.

During the conference Armenak Abrahamyan presented what is the current status of Artsakh from the legal point of view and what steps should be taken, noting that now the situation is quite difficult and everything must be done to save the homeland and the people.

Mr. Abrahamyan showed and presented the situation on the map, noting that if everything is focused only on Artsakh, it will not be possible to solve the common Armenian issue, taking into account that in this case a number of important rights of Armenians have been violated, which are easily exercised for Turks and jihadists.

The aim of this program is to continue the genocide perpetrated against Armenians of Western Armenia.

At the moment, it is more important to take steps towards the international community by presenting them with the general legal package of the Armenian issue. Concluding his speech, he added that we have a history and honor to fight and to resist.