The famous ECM recording studio in Munich has recently released Tigran Mansuryan’s “Con anima” album, which includes six works by the beloved composer.

In a conversation with “Armenpress” correspondent, the composer said that the album summarizes the chamber works created in recent years. “Music traditions have a strong direction in these recordings,” Mansuryan said.

The album was addressed by famous music critic Norman Lebrecht, who believes that in these tense and difficult times, “Con anima” can become the best way to spend the next 15 minutes of life.

“Mansuryan’s language is Armenian, but his music is marked by references to minimalism, atonalism and the microtonic system,” Lebrecht said, noting that ECM has referred to Tigran Mansuryan’s works for years.

“Let’s hope that Mansuryan will be able to continue composing in peace,” the music critic concluded.