In accordance with the ceasefire signed by PM Pashinian, President Alyiev and President Putin on 11.10.2020 without the formalized participation of France and the United States (co-presidents of the Minsk group).

1) The Russian army settles in Artsakh.

2) The Armenian Volunteer Armed Forces are going to leave, but at the moment they are waiting.

3) There are currently no clashes in the area, which allows avoiding confrontation with Russian peacekeepers.

4) According to Article 6, RA Prime Minister Pashinyan must hand over the Karvachar region to Azerbaijan on November 15. Armenia (Prime Minister Pashinyan) has neither power nor authority. By law, this region does not belong to the Republic of Armenia. The political consequences of this act would be catastrophic for the Republic of Armenia and its authorities. Western Armenia has already spoken out against this article within the framework of the inviolability of its borders.

5) The same applies to the Lachin (Berdzor) region (Article 6).

6) The issue of Meghri’s connection with Nakhichevan of Azerbaijan remains a matter of Armenia’s domestic policy and national sovereignty, it needs to be discussed and ratified by the parliament.

7) The Republic of Armenia (Prime Minister Pashinyan) has neither the right nor the power to give Aghdam its territory to Azerbaijan on November 20, this region does not belong to it (Article 2).

8) This ceasefire, its amendments do not correspond in any way to the national constitution of the Artsakh Republic. In their practice, these decisions call into question the existence of the de facto state of the Artsakh Republic, its authorities.


a)Western Armenia invalidates all the decisions of the Republic of Armenia aimed at changing the territorial situation in Artsakh.

b) Western Armenia declares occupied territories all the regions that are currently under the control of the Turkish-Azerbaijani army.

c)  Western Armenia condemns all war crimes, ethnic cleansing aimed at the destruction of the Armenian civilian population in Artsakh, and will demand compensation from Turkey and Azerbaijan under international law (Hague Conventions 1899-1907).

d) All the decisions made without the consent of the Armenian population of Artsakh are null and void, they question the very principle of the right of the Armenian people to self-determination.