During the Azerbaijani aggression, weapons between Armenian and Azerbaijan were incomparable in quantity and strength. Azerbaijan used state-of-the-art equipment, including strike and reconnaissance drones, ballistic missiles and fighters.

Victories during the war were presented mainly through video recordings. The Artsakh Defence Army started filming with drones towards the end of the aggression, while Azerbaijani forces used drones from the first days, and they actively used them to obtain intelligence and to strike. However, Drones were not the only ones used to monitor Artsakh. 

Azerbaijan heavily used satellites to monitor Armenia and Artsakh, to get accurate coordinates and take high-resolution images.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Communication and Information established the satellite facility Azercosmos in 2010 for telecommunications.

Azerbaijan has three satellites:

1- Azerspace-1, which covered Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus, its purpose is to broadcast radio and television.

2- Azerspace-2, launched in 2018 and it is for radio and television broadcast too.

3- Spot7 later Azersky, launched in 2014 which Azerbaijan brought from France. It is used for Earth Observations.