Hovhannes Aghazar Lazaryan, a figure of the Armenian National Liberation Movement, a true state adviser to Russia, an industrial landowner, was born on November 23, 1735, in the province of Isfahan of  New Julfa, Iran and died on October 24, 1801 in St. Petersburg.

Hovhannes Lazaryan used his close relations with the Russian court with the aim of liberating Armenia. He took an active part in the development of liberation programs. Compiled and presented to the Russian government “Mr. Ivan Lazar’s note” program, in which he put the issue of restoration of the Armenian statehood under the auspices of Russia.

He attached great importance to enlightenment. With the help of Hovhannes Lazaryan, schools were opened in different cities, including the Lazarian Seminary. Armenian churches were built in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Lazaryan also built the Kizel and Polaznino metallurgical factories. In 1786 he received the title of Baron from the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, and in 1788 the title of Count.

The embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Russia is now located in the manor of the Lazaryans founded in Moscow, where the Lazarian Seminary was later established.