This is how the director of “Karabakh Carpet” company Sevak Khachatryan expressed his concern ․ “We did not manage to take anything out of Shushi. Nobody imagined such a development. All the Armenians of Artsakh and all Armenians had always considered Shushi as one of the safest places in Artsakh, the fortified city of Artsakh. Thousands of people left their apartments and companies, everything remained in Shushi.”

The company also has workshops in Stepanakert and Chartar. At this moment, the work there is paralyzed.

“Artsakh carpets for sale in Yerevan are especially in demand these days.

This is not just a financial loss ․ We lose our history and culture”, Sevak Khachatryan emphasizes. “Karabakh Carpet” company was engaged in preserving the traditional Armenian cultural heritage and passing it on to future generations.