In Turkey, Sebahattin Gok tried to sell the most famous Catholic church in Constantinople, St. Antoine, to foreigners through false documents.

According to the source, the name of Sebahattin Gok, who tried to sell Saint Antoine in the Beyoglu district of Constantinople, is mentioned in 34 different investigations.

The publication mentions that Gok visited the USA, France, Italy and other countries, found the heirs of the property owners of this church, tried to sell them the church. Sebahattin Gok was arrested.

It should be noted that the Church of Saint Antoine or Antonios Paduatsi was founded in the early 18th century by the Italian community of Constantinople. However, the church has stood for only 180 years. It was demolished in 1904 because it interfered with tramway rails. Then another land was provided, where the current Saint Anouan was built in 1906.