After the majority of votes in favor of the recognition of the Artsakh Republic in the French Senate, the French government did not immediately agree to approve the decision.

Thousands of civilians fell victim to the Artsakh war, thousands of people became wounded and disabled, a large number of refugees emigrated to the Republic of Armenia, graves and places of worship were destroyed in Artsakh, almost the whole region of the Artsakh Republic was occupied by the Turkish-Azerbaijani army.

After all, France is interested in defending what still needs to be preserved in terms of heritage.

France cooperates with UNESCO for the protection of spiritual and cultural heritage in Artsakh. The statement came from French Secretary of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoine during a press conference.

“In recent weeks, President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron has had conversations with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, as well as with other OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs. This commitment is based on various aspects, one of which is the preservation of armenian cultural heritage, some of which are located on the territory of Azerbaijan. And to protect these treasures, we cooperate with UNESCO, as well as with other organizations that have taken on the mission of protecting them,” Lemoine emphasized.

After the destruction of the Jugha cemetery in Nakhichevan in 2005 and the lack of support for the civilian population in Artsakh during the war, French hypocrisy is at its highest.