Currently, 9 families live in Aghavno village community of Artsakh’s Kashatagh region. The head of Aghavno community Andranik Chavushyan told Armenpress about this․

“Our position of living in a native village and keeping it Armenian has not changed. We will continue to live here. The peacekeepers are doing their job, and we have the right to protect the safety of our families and the village. Our flag continues to wave on the roof of the village hall, we do not want to see another flag there. We are ready to defend our rights even at the cost of our lives. From here we defend Stepanakert and the rights of all Armenians. We would like clarifications from the relevant bodies. We are told that the village will remain Armenian, but they provide fuel and buses for evacuation, ”said the head of Aghavno community.

According to him, the village has been without electricity for about three days, the means of communication in Artsakh do not work, and food and other necessary items are sent to the families living in Aghavno by friends and relatives.