Mister President,

On behalf of myself and the Armenian people of Western Armenia, I extend our warmest congratulations to you on your victory in the presidential elections, which is indeed a victory for the independent states.

These women and men who in the past believed in the values of honesty and freedom of the United States of America are today vigorously defended.

During the First World War, the United States revealed to the international community the crimes committed against the Armenian people in Constantinople thanks to the reports and memoirs of US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau.

United States of America for testifying that Justice, Democracy and Freedom are the foundations of the first world power represented by its Senate, recognized on May 11, 1920 a Republic of Armenia on the territory of the Western Armenia and accepted the mandate of the 28th United States President Woodrow Wilson for the issuance of an Arbitral Award (November 22, 1920) defining the international borders between Turkey and the State of Armenia.

This Armenia (on the territory of Western Armenia) which has already been recognized by the Allied Powers de facto on January 19, 1920 at the Paris conference, by the United States de facto on April 23, 1920 and de jure on May 11 1920 following the San Remo Conference, supported by the peace treaty signed in Sèvres on August 10, 1920 (Treaty ratified by Western Armenia on June 24, 2016).

United States of America, which clearly and explicitly signed the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Turkish massacres of Armenians as a crime of genocide on the basis of the definition of Mr. Raphaël Lemkin, raised to rank of Righteous for Armenia on behalf of Western Armenia (November 07, 2016).

United States of America, which today expressed a sincere rejection of the continuation of this injustice in the world and decided to place their trust in you to safeguard the values and virtues which made it truly a superpower.

Mr. President, we are generations of genocide survivors eager to see the United States of America today under your leadership, hoping for the realization of the rights of the Armenian people through the law of states relating to the Convention of Montevideo (approved by Western Armenia on October 01, 2016) and to take the daring decision to initiate the exequatur of this legal substance corresponding to the Arbitral Award of President Woodrow Wilson.

Mr. President, I congratulate you and American nation, we extend a constructive and fraternal hand to you so that our two nations can work together and lay the foundations for a better future for all mankind under the aegis of security, stability and prosperity, respecting our genetic resources, and so that there will never again be forced displacement of people or systematic plans to exterminate the peoples of the earth.

We are convinced that today the great powers of the world have a real chance to correct the mistakes of the past and to adopt international law, a fundamental principle of Peace, without which the world would be a chaos ruled by barbarism, as we can see now in the Republic of Artsakh which underwent 44 days of military offensive perpetrated by the Turkish-Azeri army reinforced by the jihadist hordes of Syria.

Mr. President, by empowering us, you allow us to take real responsibility for our destiny by attaching it to the global destiny you have the right to lead today.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

With respect,

Armenak Abrahamyan

President of the Republic of Western Armenia

Karin, December 1, 2020