Artsakh citizen Ashot Sevyan proved that one person can change even the most difficult situation for the state. A few days ago, Ashot Sevyan assured one of the foreign journalists that he would not leave the village of Charektar, which, according to the document signed by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, was to come under the control of Azerbaijan.

Ashot Sevyan and his comrades-in-arms insisted that they would defend the village as much as necessary. And yesterday it became known that the village of Charektar will remain under the control of Artsakh.

It turns out that an entire village was saved by one person (the organizer of the struggle) and this is in the case when the head of the country handed it over to the enemy on paper. Ashot Sevyan proved what results they could have if everyone, first of all the political power, loved and defended their homeland like him.