The representative of the Republic of Armenia in the ECHR informs that the European Court of Human Rights has lifted the interim measure applied to Turkey.

“On the basis of the joint statement signed by the Prime Minister of Armenia, the President of Russia and the President of Azerbaijan on the Artsakh conflict on November 9, Turkey appealed to the European Court on November 17 to overturn the interim measure imposed on it. “On December 1, the court reviewed the decision in the case of Armenia against Turkey on October 6,” reads the statement posted on the Facebook page of the Armenian representative to the ECHR.

At the same time, the ECHR reaffirmed that the interim measure applied to Azerbaijan remains in force.

Earlier it was reported that Turkey had transferred terrorist mercenaries from northern Syria to Azerbaijan with the aim of using them against Artsakh and Armenia. This information was also confirmed by the authorities of Syria, France, Russia, the United States and other countries.The Armenian Foreign Ministry has stated that there is completely new dimension for the spread of terrorism, when foreign terrorist jihadist fighters from the Middle East are stationed in the conflict zone in the OSCE area, which poses a serious threat to international stability of “regional security”.