During the plenary session of the UNESCO Executive Council, the RA Permanent Representative Ambassador Christian Ter-Stepanyan made a speech. In his speech, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Armenia noted with regret that UNESCO, established with the mission of protecting the world cultural heritage, is incapable, even powerless, of preventing the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage, which we have witnessed in recent months , when Artsakh was struggling against the armed aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan, their allies and thousands of mercenary terrorists involved from Syria.

During that aggression, the St. Ghazanchetsots Church in Shushi, a place of worship for the Armenian people and a masterpiece of 19th century architecture, was bombed twice. The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Armenia emphasized that even at the moment when the Director-General of UNESCO was making another call for the protection of the region’s heritage, information and facts were being received about Azerbaijan’s ongoing vandalism of the Armenian cultural heritage.