Turkey is sending an additional group of mercenaries to Libya, despite an agreement reached between the two rival sides in the country’s civil war, calling on Ankara to remove the mercenaries.

The Libyan National Army, which is subordinate to General Khalifa Haftar, and the Turkish-UN-backed National Accord government have been fighting for power in Libya since 2014. The two sides reached a ceasefire agreement in October in Geneva with the mediation of the UN. One of the clauses of the agreement provided for “the withdrawal of all military units, armed groups, from the front, as well as the removal of mercenaries and foreign militants from the country.”

However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday that Turkey was going to send more mercenaries from Syria to Libya next week.

According to the center, in November Turkey had already sent 18,000 Syrian and 2,500 Tunisian mercenaries to Libya.