Human Rights Defenders (Ombudsmen) of Armenia and Artsakh Arman Tatoyan and Artak Beglaryan have released a new joint report on “Organized hate speech and hostility towards ethnic Armenians in Azerbaijan as root causes of ethnically-based torture and inhuman treatment by Azerbaijani Armed Forces”.

“The report justified Azerbaijani policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide policy through terroristic methods. The report proves that Azerbaijani atrocities, torture and inhuman treatment of this war are results of years of hostility propaganda and organized policy of hatred towards Armenians (Armenophobia),” Tatoyan wrote on Facebook.

“Azerbaijani soldiers are well aware that torturing Armenians will not only make them unpunished, but they will be praised by the authorities and the public,” he said.

Sharing some parts of the report, the ombudsman said it will be sent to international bodies.