On November 21, the Armenian government decided to provide assistance to the residents of the communities under the control of Azerbaijan due to the war in Artsakh. The list of settlements of the Artsakh Republic under Azerbaijani control was officially presented for the first time in the appendix to this decision. According to that list, the number of communities under Azerbaijani control is 121.

Based on this list, Fip.am prepared a map, presenting which settlement is under whose control.

On December 9, the Artsakh Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development presented its own list. However, there are some differences between the two official lists.

Thus, there are no differences in the lists of settlements under the control of Azerbaijan in the Askeran and Martakert regions. In the Shushi region of Artsakh, apart from the city of Shushi, in addition to the village of Karin Tak, the village of Kirsavan, which was part of the Lachin region of Azerbaijan during the Soviet period, also came under the control of Azerbaijan. By the way, the road leading to Khtsaberd-Hin Tagher communities, which remained under Armenian control in the Hadrut region, passes through this village.

Although the loss of Mekhakavan (Jabrail) was known during the war, it was not on the list of the Armenian government. That mistake has been corrected, it is already included in the list of the Artsakh Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development.

In the Shahumyan region, the Aknaberd-Charektar communities remain under Armenian control, which were mentioned in the list of the government of Republic of Armenia as passing to Azerbaijan. Fip.am had already written about these villages remaining under Armenian control. The first of them, Aknaberd, has a special status. It is located in the Martakert region, and administratively belongs to the Shahumyan region.

In a conversation with us, the mayor of Aknaberd mentioned that the village remains under Armenian control, այն it probably appeared in the list of the RA government by mistake. The village of Charektar in the Soviet period was in the Martakert region of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region, but later became part of the Shahumyan region. This village is shown on a map prepared by the Russian Ministry of Defense as a settlement remaining under Armenian control.

There are two communities in the Kashatagh region that remain under Armenian control: Nerkin Sus and Karegah. The two are located in the Lachin corridor.

In the Martuni region, a part of Taghavard community came under the control of Azerbaijan, and not the whole village and the Nerkin Chartar district, which is part of the Chartar urban community was not mentioned in the list of the RA government.

Thus, below we present the updated map on the control of Artsakh settlements based on the list submitted by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Artsakh.

The names of the settlements under Armenian control are indicated in red, and the settlements occupied by Azerbaijan or handed over to Azerbaijan are marked in black.

The settlements occupied by Azerbaijan during the first war (1991-94) in Martakert and Shahumyan are marked with gray. The settlements that were incorrectly mentioned in the list of the RA Government are marked with a yellow circle.