After the war, the work directed to the restoration of the infrastructures in the city of Martuni continues. The mayor of Martuni Edik Avanesyan told ”Artsakhpress”. According to him, the gas supply has been almost completely restored, except for some districts. Restoration of electricity supply remains on the agenda, which, according to the mayor, requires some time, as the current operating overhead line is not enough as it is overloaded.

Avanesyan said that more than 1500 residents have already returned to Martuni. Only 50 families from the communities of the region of Martuni which are under the control of Azerbaijan have settled in Martuni.

10 apartments in Martuni that have been damaged due the war are not subject to restoration.

The mayor of Martuni informed that the two schools and kindergartens of the city don’t operate as they have been partially damaged by the shelling and need to be restored.