Yeghishe Kirakosyan, the representative of the Republic of Armenia in the ECHR, told Sputnik Armenia that out of 66 Armenians who were treated inhumanely, Azerbaijan has confirmed the fact of only 15.

On December 9, Armenia sent a new application to the European Court of Human Rights, asking to take urgent measures against Azerbaijan. “Two of captives are Armenians from Diaspora kidnapped by Azeris after the ceasefire was established. There are people about whom we have information from various sources that they are there, and on the basis of that evidence we have submitted our request,” said Kirakosyan.

According to him, this is the only one of the last 15 cases that took place after the ceasefire was established, the others are people taken from communities under the control of Azerbaijan.

One of the two terms given to Azerbaijan regarding some of the captives ended yesterday, the other ends today. But Armenia has not yet received Azerbaijan’s answers.

Most of the 66 people registered in the applications of the ECHR are servicemen, only about 20 of them are civilians.

Referring to the videos that regularly appear on the social media platforms, which prove the war crimes committed against Armenians by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Kirakosyan said that they definitely find a place in their lawsuits.

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