Passed away Hakob Karayan. Hakob fought for the Armenian issue, overcoming all difficulties and putting under the risk his life. He started its activity in “Young Armenian”, which was an independent platform for many young Armenian women and men.

This newspaper formed the nucleus of an independent political movement in the Armenian environment of the 1970s, which later flourished as a progressive revolutionary generation. Hakob was the companion of the oppressed people, the supporter of their problems.

“The French authorities did not like his revolutionary activities in Paris, so he was arrested and imprisoned, but he remained free inside and outside the prison”, says Karnig Asfahani.

President Armenak Abrahamyan met with Hakop Karayan during the liberation of Kessab in Cilicia.

“Hakob was a famous man for our generations, he worked all his life for the liberation of Western Armenia. He will be posthumously awarded with the Sword Medal of Western Armenia. Rest in peace, son of Western Armenia, we continue our fight”.