“Names of people, countries and cities are not put by chance. Each of them has its own history and meaning.

It was no coincidence that the conquerors firstly changed the names of the cities and territories they occupied. The Turks and the Caucasian Tatars, today’s Azeris, are no exception, when they tried to erase the Armenian trace from the memory of the nation and historical sources.

Azerbaijan has greatly mastered and applied the experience and methods of the “elder brother”. The Turkification and Kurdishization of Armenian toponyms  in Turkey have deep roots. Turkologist Lusine Sahakyan in her work “Turkification of Toponyms in the Ottoman Empire and Republican Turkey” presents the historical developments in this direction and the common methods ․

“The Turkish authorities, realizing that the Armenian toponyms are the product of an entire civilization and witnesses of the existence of the ancient Armenians in Western Armenia, not being satisfied with the physical destruction of the real owners of the area, continue their historical and cultural Genocide, targeting the Armenian toponyms.”

The full article is available in the regular edition of “Republic of Armenia” daily newspaper.