A mausoleum was discovered during archeological excavations near the Haidarpasha railway station in Constantinople. Archeologists are trying to solve the mystery of the structure and its architecture, which was supposed to be a sacred site.

Discoveries of this kind shed light especially on the history of Chalcedon.

Archeologists conducting the excavations note, “There is not any known complex structure having a shape of a semicircle and containing mass graves, that is not a church. The floor of the building is covered with marble blocks, laid straight and very carefully. All these make us think that this place is a sanctuary and that it has been used for religious purposes. ”

Almost 18.000 coins found during excavations provide information on the history of Chalcedon from the BCE 7th century to our days. This is the first time that chalcedonian coins belonging to the classical period have been found during systematic archeological excavations.