As a result of years of excavations in Tigranakert of Artsakh, the Armenian expedition team discovered a large rock-cut water pipeline, which is the most powerful in the region. Armenian archaeologists fear that the Azerbaijani side will attempt to humiliate their work done in Tigranakert, which is now under the Azerbaijani control and will consider the water pipeline as Afghan distorting history by that.

During a conversation with Armenpress, Pavel Avetisyan, director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, said that  Armenia will face problems as long as it lives next to Azerbaijan. Referring to the excavations in Tigranakert, he said that they have been working in five different places in 2020 and added,

“As a result of the huge work done, a rocky water pipe was opened in Tigranakert. We have large canals and water pipes in the Ararat Valley, but what we witnessed in Artsakh has no precedent.”