Hello, dear Armenians.

Today, with this New Year message, I want to address the Armenians of the world on behalf of the Youth Council of Western Armenia.

As you know, on September 27 in 2020, the enemy attacked our sacred Artsakh, full of history and culture.  

Aiming to finally achieve one of his long-standing goals conquering Artsakh, to exterminate the indigenous Armenian people, to destroy, our monasteries, churches, cemeteries and other things that prove the presence of Armenians in those areas, to erase the Armenian history and replace it with their fake history, which happened in Nakhichevan in 2005.

The Armenian soldier continued the struggle of his ancestors fighting like a lion.

The struggle for independent and united Armenia stopped the implementation of the enemy’s programs.

Thousands of Armenians fell in the field of honor defending the sacred homeland and becoming immortal.

Yes, the enemy managed to temporarily occupy a part  of our sacred  Artsakh.

This is a great pain, but this pain will give us power.

We want the periods of great victories for the Armenian nation to begin in 2021, We should unite and not to despair. 

The solution of our national issues lies only in being united as our history proves. So that we become a great force that the enemy fears.

I’d like to mention that one of the enemy’s plans is to divide us, to break Armenian unity, and we should not live by the enemy’s plan.

We must set a goal, rebuild and reunite our divided homeland, Artsakh, Armenia and Western Armenia. Our ancestors have been fighting for thousands of years to achieve our goal.

Paruyr Shahumyan

 Youth Council of Western Armenia