Gurgen Yanikyan (born December 24, 1895 in Karin, Western Armenia – died March 27, 1984 in California, USA), Armenian writer and engineer, hero of the Armenian modern armed liberation struggle.

Witness of the genocide against Armenians. He has studied at Moscow University and was later settled in the United States, where he became known as an English writer and has received the Mark Twain Prize.

In 1972, he came from the United States. Visited the Martiros Saryan House-Museum in Armenia and donated Saryan’s painting “The Royal Room” (created in 1918), which was missing for many years. At the age of 77, he killed the Turkish deputy consul and consul in the United States and demanded justice for the Armenian Genocide. He spoke  against Turkish denial in court and defended the idea of liberating Western Armenia.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1981, after eight years in prison, Yanikyan was taken to a closed hospital for visitors, where he died after an illness on March 27, 1984.  He was reburied in Yerablur Cemetery on May 5, 2019. He is one of the founders of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia.

 “I knew that I would not be alone,” said Yanikyan.