On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the poet, philologist, historian, geographer, translator, member of the Mkhitarists in Venice Ghevond Alishan, the whole scientific, literary and historical heritage of the author has been digitized.

The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Vahan Dumanyan mentioned during the presentation of the program, “Digitization is a tool and an achievement. We must use it everywhere in order to be present and available in any field. To spread and to research without any difficulties. We are all aware of the potential of digitization, but we must do everything quickly and on time.”

The Scientific Director of the Digital Library of Armenian Bibliography Foundation at the American University of Armenia Meruzhan Karapetyan added that the digitization took 2 months.

He mentioned that more than ten tomes of Alishan had been digitized before. “This time we had planned to digitize 22 works, but we did more. Historical geographical works, works of artistic nature and historical researches have been digitized. We tried to include all the genres that Alishan was interested in. “We referred to the religious and propagating literature he was engaged in,” Karapetyan said.

To get acquainted with the rich heritage left by Alishan you can visit  the website digilib.aua.am.