“During the investigation of the case, there was a need to conduct a number of investigative actions, in particular to clarify the identity of a number of suspects and some of the circumstances of what happened. “In this regard, a request for international legal assistance has been sent to Azerbaijan,” a source familiar with the case of the Russian military helicopter crash told Interfax.

It became known yesterday that the Investigative Committee of Russia has re-qualified the case, the criminal case previously initiated on the fact of violation of flight safety rules is now being conducted on the grounds of premeditated murder. It is obvious that the re-qualification has not only legal but also political significance. The question remains which is a foreign state, Azerbaijan or Turkey? The Russian helicopter was shot down on the evening of November 9, when the issue of a trilateral ceasefire agreement was being discussed in the Yerevan-Moscow-Baku format.

This lesion is actually taking new shades. Will Russia use the helicopter issue for Nakhichevan, for forcible entry? Of course, it is only about the possibility of law enforcement entry.

In fact, there is information that is being leaked through an authoritative Russian resource that Moscow has applied to Azerbaijan for mutual legal assistance and investigative actions aimed at finding out the circle of suspects. First of all, it means that Moscow expresses mistrust towards Baku in terms of the investigation, gradually approaches the ambition to enter Nakhichevan and, in fact, prepares a ground for it.