Specialists are working in Artsakh to complete the list of Armenian cultural values of the territories occupied by Azerbaijan after the war unleashed by Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020.

Only the state list of immovable cultural and historical monuments of the Shahumyan (Karvachar) region of Artsakh is ready. The latter includes 377 monuments.

The Minister of Education, Science and Culture of the Artsakh Republic Lusine Gharakhanyan told during a conversation with Hetq.am that they already have information about Azeris desecrating the monuments of the Great Patriotic War.

The Minister expressed concern towards the statement of the President of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan Elbay Qasim-zade, according to which the Armenian churches and cultural values of Artsakh should be destroyed.

The Minister notes that this is an open announcement aimed at implementing cultural genocide.

“At the same time, the census was not over yet. According to experts, the number of monuments would exceed 10,000, in case it was over,” says the Minister of Education and Science of Artsakh.

“Unfortunately, we would like to state that international organizations are either not able or simply do not want to prevent this cultural genocide,” says L. Gharakhanyan, adding that she doesn’t think that UNESCO will deal with this issue objectively.

Lusine Gharakhanyan mentions that Odre Azule is a friend of first lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, so no action is expected from her.

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