Today is the 97th birthday of film director, screenwriter, People’s Artist of the USSR Sergey Parajanov.

Parajanov was born in Tbilisi (Georgia). In 1945 he entered the directing faculty of the Moscow Institute of Cinematography. From 1952 he worked as a director at the Dovzhenko Film Studio of Kiev. Until 1963 He shot 4 full-length feature films and 3 documentaries. In 1964, the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” brought him worldwide fame. In 1965 he began shooting the anti-war film “Kievyan Murals”, which was soon banned by the authorities.

He was invited to Armenia in 1966. Parajanov offers to shoot the film “Sayat-Nova”. The film was released with great difficulty with the name “The Color of Pomegranates”. After that, Parajanov was expelled from the cinema for 15 years and was convicted twice. The real reason for this cruel treatment was his language and art, which the government did not like.

The director started working on the autobiographical film “Confession” at “Hayfilm” film studio in 1989. Parajanov’s deteriorating health interrupted the shootings. Sargis Parajanyants died in Yerevan in 1990. The museum of the great director operates in Yerevan. He is buried in the Komitas Pantheon.

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