In December-January, observers recorded an activity of Turkish transport aircraft in the skies of Azerbaijan. The air bridge between the two countries operates round the clock, military loads arrive at Azerbaijani army airports across the country. Experts believe that Turkey intends to establish several military bases in the Caucasus, but Baku denies this information, MK writes.

According to the FlightRadar-24 service, in the last few weeks, the Turkish Air Force has confirmed the uninterrupted supply of goods to Azerbaijan. Turkish military transport planes deliver goods to the Azerbaijani airports of Gabala, Lankaran and Ganja. The airline flies round the clock while some planes fly three or four times a day.

Experts believe that Turkish military bases will be established in the Transcaucasian region based on the activity of the Turkish Air Force. However, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denied this information. The military department did not comment on the activities of the Turkish air force in Azerbaijan.