The “Beside the Yazidis” initiative will soon present the first “War and Love” play of the Yezidi Theater after the Pantomime Master Arsen Poladov. The play is dedicated to the memory of the Yazidis killed during the Artsakh war. The author of the script is the founder of the “Beside the Yazidis” initiative Greta Aleksanyan and the director is the artistic director of the Machanents Theater Gevorg Yntsa Babakhanyan. Greta Aleksanyan told in a conversation with, “Beside the Yazidis” is an educational and cultural initiative, a part of which is the creation of a Yazidi theater. According to her, there have been some Yazidi plays and performances in Armenia, but the theater named after the founder of the Armenian State Pantomime Theater, Arsen Poladov is being established for the first time.