The Artsakh Republic lost 112.5 megawatts of hydroelectric power as a result of the war unleashed by Azerbaijan.

As reported by “Armenpress”, the RA Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Hakob Vardanyan mentioned during the sitting of the Standing Committee on Regional and Eurasian Integration of the National Assembly.

“There were 187.5 megawatt hydropower stations in the Artsakh Republic before the war. As a result of the war, 75 megawatt hydropower plants were left. The loss was 112.5 megawatts. “That number includes Sarsang Hydroelectric Power Station with 50 megawatts, 4 Hydroelectric Power Stations with 12-13 megawatt capacity and one 12-megawatt Hydroelectric Power Station,” Vardanyan said.

The Deputy Minister mentioned that according to the initial energy balance of 2021, Armenia would import 330 million kWh of electricity from the Artsakh Republic. However, after the well-known events, this energy will be replaced by electricity produced with the expense of Armenia’s internal resources, which will be more expensive than electricity imported from Artsakh.