Hayk Asatryan was an Armenian public and political figure, editor and philosopher. He was born on February 5, 1900 in Alashkert, Western Armenia.

Asatryan took part in the uprising of February 1921 and later settled in Bulgaria and Romania. He graduated from the Higher Political School of Berlin with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Prague.

He was a member of Armenian Revolutionary Federation and left it due to some disagreements in 1932. He shared the idea of Tribal Religion founded by Garegin Njhdeh. He edited periodicals, especially the famous “Razmik” semi-weekly, together with Nzhdeh (1937-1944).They jointly founded and propagated the Taron movement, published the “Tribe and Homeland” magazine. He took an active part in the denial of the fascist propaganda, according to which the Armenians were not of Indo-European (Aryan) but Semitic origin, which could have been a threat to the massacre of the Armenians. 

In 1942, he published the book ”Armenia – Aryan Outpost in Western Asia” in Armenian and German. 

He was arrested by Smersh in Bulgaria, in 1944 and sentenced to ten years in a Soviet prison until 1955. He died of a heart attack in Sofia on this day in 1956.