Suspect Oqan Shimshek was arrested in connection with the murder of Hrant Dink, an Istanbul-based Armenian journalist and chief editor of the Agos newspaper.

The Turkish court ordered the arrest of a former officer at the Trabzon Gendarmerie Intelligence Unit Oqan Shimshek for hiding information about Dink’s assassination on January 8.

Shimshek was arrested in Manisa. Based on the desicion of the Turkish Court two former gendarmerie officers, Veysal Shahin and Volkan Shahin had been arrested in connection with Dink’s assassination a few days ago.

Let us remind that Hrant Dink was killed in front of the editorial office of Agos newspaper in the Sisli district of Istanbul by the 16 years old Turkish nationalist Ogyun Samast on January 19, 2007.