The Foreign Ministry of Artsakh issued a statement on the occasion of the 31th anniversary of the Armenian massacres in Baku noting that the Baku authorities’ acceptance of their direct responsibility for the mass crimes committed against the Armenian population, including the genocide of 1990, would be a step in the process of healing the wounds inflicted by Azerbaijan on the conflict unleashed against Artsakh. The  massacres of January 1990 in Baku, which would allow to eradicate the negative effects of the anti-Armenian attitude and to create preconditions for peace in the region.

We present you an excerpt from the statement spread by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh reported by “Armenpress”․

“January 13, 1990 is one of the most tragic dates in the history of the Armenian people. On this day, mass pogroms of Armenians began in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, which became the apogee of the targeted policy of the Azerbaijani authorities on exterminating the Armenian population of the former Azerbaijan SSR and expelling it from its historical lands and places of permanent residence, which began with the massacre of Armenians in Sumgait in February 1988.

The Baku pogroms became one of the bloodiest mass crimes against the Armenian population in a series of pogroms, deportations, ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity committed in Azerbaijan. In the period between 1988 and 1991, the Armenian population of the former Azerbaijan SSR was completely deported, and Northern Artsakh, Gandzak and some other territories lost their autochthonous population. As a result, about half a million Armenians became refugees, and thousands of them were killed.