The President of the Republic of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan referred to the material spread by the Russian “Kommersant”.

The President expressed his disagreement towards the given material, noting that as a result of trilateral negotiations, the railway line passes through the border of Western Armenia (Nakhichevan), and there were no discussions with him and no verbal or written permission.

The President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan once again reminded the following.

“The San Remo Conference was held in 1920, during which the issue of Armenia(including Artsakh) was also discussed. The conference called on US President Woodrow Wilson to assume Armenia’s mandate and mediate in clarifying its final borders. It was decided to state that Armenia and the other contracting parties agreed to apply to the US President for mediation on the issue of  borders of Turkey and Armenia (Erzurum, Trabzon, Van and Bitlis provinces) and to accept his decision in this regard, as well as a condition he would offer Armenia for having access to the sea.

Now the Turks announce that the Artsakh issue is resolved or is being resolved, concluding some agreements, but (Eastern) Armenia should not sign any agreement with these countries, which will recognize the borders of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Besides, this route passes through the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic while another route will operate through the territory of Armenia, which will connect Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan. This will contribute to the settlement of Azeris in those territories and the liberation of the Armenian territory will become more difficult. In this case, the Republic of Armenia must recognize Artsakh and Nakhichevan as a part of Armenian state and must take steps to return them. It is necessary to act jointly for the implementation of the Wilson arbitral award.

Turkey’s participation in this war and the steps aimed at normalizing relations with (Eastern) Armenia have a special purpose, as today Turkey is trying to be involved in the European Union, and it will not happen as long as there are disputes on border and territory with Armenia. In this case, all Armenians must concentrate their efforts offering a mutually beneficial solution of returning the territories of Western Armenia.