Well-known geologist and philanthropist Grigor Gabrielyants, ‘‘Director of the Museums of the City of Shushi SNCO Lusine Gasparyan’’ and the Ministry of Culture of Artsakh are actively negotiating with the Russian side to save the museum samples that are still preserved in the city of Shushi transferred to the enemy and remove them from the city.  Lusine Gasparyan told news.am.

Before the war that broke out in September 2020, there were 4 state and 2 private museums operating in Shushi, considered to be the center for culture in Artsakh. Unfortunately, during the war, only the samples of a private rug museum were removed from the city.

There are 197 monuments representing the history and culture of Shushi, nearly 800 paintings, graphic works and sculptures of the Museum of Fine Arts and over 700 samples of the Geology Museum of Shushi that are currently under the control of the enemy.

Today the Azerbaijani side doesn’t even want to hear about the return of collections remaining in Shushi.