A cook named Yusuf Jan Gyuchtekin lit a fire and made a barbecue at the historical Armenian Church of St. Astvatsatsin (Germush) in Urfa, Western Armenia.

This act has caused a lot of complaints on social networks. The cook commented on his action saying that he intended to draw attention to the horrible state of the church. Gyuchtekin, noted that he had first cleaned the church from garbage and added,

“When I saw the Germush church in such a ruined condition, my heart was filled with pain.”

The church, which was supposed to have been built in the 19th century and destroyed as a result of illegal excavations, immediately came up on social media as a result of the cook’s initiative.

Yusuf Gyuchtekin mentioned that he hopes to draw attention to the Church of St. Astvatsatsin which is in danger of collapsing.