On February 1 and 2, Turkey will hold military exercises in Kars, in which Azerbaijani troops will also take part. Interfax Azerbaijan reported citing Haberturk Periodical.

According to Haberturk, Azerbaijani troops will take part in the special shooting training of these military exercises.

“There will be tank units, artillery batteries, sniper groups, personnel of the special forces and helicopters during the exercises,”- the periodical notes.

According to Haberturk, Azerbaijani troops will also take part in special military exercises.

“The objective of the military exercises is to ensure cooperation and coordination when conducting joint operations, to test the efficiency of armaments and vehicles,”- the statement reads.

In addition, one of the tasks is to test the readiness of the troops, including shooting in snow and frost, raising the level of readiness in winter conditions.

It should be reminded that Kars is an inseparable part of Western Armenia and now is occupied by Turkey. Any activity in the mentioned territories is internationally illegal if not agreed with the authorities of Western Armenia. The planned military exercises are no exception.