The Yeghishe Charents Museum of Literature and Art today exhibited the paintings of national figures for the first time. As reported by, founder of the struggle for independence of Armenia, founder of the National United Party (NUP), painter Haykaz Khachatryan reported.

The organizer is the head of the “Tir” Center for Armenology, our compatriot Davit Aghajanyan, who lives in Moscow and came to Yerevan from the very first days of the war and carried out important organizational initiatives. He mentioned.

“Organizing the exhibition at the Charents Museum of Literature and Art is not accidental as this museum is a hearth full of national spirit. The personal belongings of the representatives of different stages of the Armenian liberation struggle are kept here: Mikael Nalbandyan, Raphael Patkanyan, Raffi, Vahan Teryan, Aram Khachatryan and others. We aim to unite the wider public around national ideas as now there is a problem of sovereignty in the state system, and the situation in political life is unstable. I feel that such a consolidation will lead us to the right path”.

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