Today marks the 14th anniversary of the assassination of the chief editor of the armenian Agos newspaper published in Istanbul, Hrant Dink.

Dink was a journalist in a country where open-minded journalists are persecuted. He was persecuted by the nationalists as a peace fighter.

Dink was born in 1954 in the city of Malatya, Western Armenia. He moved to Constantinople with his family in 1961. He grew up in the Gedik Pasha Armenian Orphanage, where he and his wife, Raquel Dink, would run ‘‘Camp Armen’’ for years.

He was sentenced to half a year in prison based on the Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code.

Dink was persecuted especially for his publications about islamized and hidden Armenians. The revelation about the Armenian origin of Ataturk, the soul child of Ataturk and Turkey’s first female pilot Sabiha Gyokche were especially sensational.

Dink’s assassination caused a wave of protests in Turkey and abroad. Thousands of people were in the streets in defense of Dink under the slogan “I am Armenian, I am Hrant Dink”.

The International Foundation after Hrant Dink was established in 2007. The foundation organizes an international award ceremony every year on Dink’s birthday, September 15.

A street in the French city of Marseilles and a school in Paris were named after Dink.