The Armenian Orphanage in Tuzla where the slain journalist and chief editor of ‘‘Agos’’ newspaper Hrant Dink grew up will be turned into Camp Armen Youth Center, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu said in a twitter post.

Mayor Imamoglu said that the plan studies have started after the Municipality voted unanimously to rebuild the camp as a youth center.

According to Imamoglu, the works of the architectural project of the camp restoration have already started.

Camp Armen Armenian Camp is an abandoned building in the Tuzla district of Istanbul. Occupying an area of 8,552 square meters, the foundation of the Armenian Protestant Church bought Camp Armen in 1961 and it served as a summer camp for the poor and orphaned students of the Armenian school. Hrant Dink and his wife Raquel Dink grew up there. Later, the camp was illegally taken away from the Armenian community by the Turkish authorities.