Today is the birthday of armenian author, poet and public figure Silva Kaputikyan. She was born in Yerevan in a family emigrated from Van, Western Armenia. She studied at the secondary school after  Krupskaya in Yerevan. Kaputikyan wrote her first poem at the age of 13, which was published in “Պիոներ կանչ” newspaper. Her father, Barunak Kaputikyan, was a national figure and editor, who was killed in 1920.

Silva Kaputikyan studied at the Faculty of Philology of YSU from 1936-1941, and attended courses of the Gorky Institute of Literature in Moscow in 1950. Kaputikyan has written mainly about her homeland, the Armenian language and the fate of the Armenian people. She devoted her whole life to creative work and to her homeland. She traveled in the colonies of deported Armenians and in cities of the former Soviet Union. 

Her literary talent appeared from a young age. Later she developed a civic orientation. She became an icon of a real Soviet author, bearing all the responsibility of the ideology of parties of those years. Kaputikyan’s works have been translated into many languages. She has more than 20 collections in Russian.

She has received many awards, titles and medals. Silva Kaputikyan died in 2006.