A famous Armenian poet Vahan Mihrani Tekeyan was born in 1878, in the Ortagyugh district of Constantinople.

He is one of the best Armenian creators who survived the genocide against Armenians, kept high the faith of the future and mentioned the ideas of cheerfulness and heroism in his works.

He received his primary education in his birthplace and was a student of Nersisyan, Perperyan, Getronagan Central schools. He left for Europe in 1896 as a trade officer and settled in Egypt. He constantly worked for periodicals of Western Armenia from here. Since 1905 he has been uniting Armenian writers around the “Shirak” periodical founded by him.

After the fall of Hamidian tyranny, Tekeyan transferred “Shirak” to Constantinople and settled there, participating in national and public life.

Tekeyan is not only an author of wonderful poems and sonnets, but also wrote stories about the life of the Armenian colony and liberation movements. 

He died in Cairo on April 4, 1945. Tekeyan’s body is buried in the Armenian cemetery in Cairo.