Arno Babajanyan was born in Yerevan, on January 22, 1921. He wrote his first musical composition at the age of 9. The works of the great composer, pianist, and People’s Artist of the USSR Arno Babajanyan have been performed both in Armenia and all over the world. Creators of art consider him a wonderful creator and an innovator who excelled in both performing and composing arts.

Arno Babajanyan’s rich creative heritage includes songs, instrumental performances and symphonic music. He was working with different styles: classical, pop, jazz.

Aram Khachaturian and Sergey Rachmaninov had an influence on Babajanyan’s creative style. Meanwhile his creative personality was manifested in the piano trio “Heroic Ballad” written for the piano orchestra. He wrote  The widely popular “Armenian Rhapsody” in 1950. The composer enjoyed great reputation collaborating with the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky and the singer Muslim Magomayev. “The first love song” and  “Yerevan” are considered the anthems of their hometown.

Arno Babajanyan died in Moscow on November 11, 1983.