On the fifth day of the seminar, the President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan presented Article 93 of the Treaty of Sevres, which states in particular “considering that the main allied powers have recognized Armenia as a sovereign, independent state”, explaining its importance for the Armenian people. He referred to the word “diaspora” and to its wrong usage among Armenians, as the use of this word divides Armenians into several parts. That’s why we use the phrase deported Armenians, which contains the idea of ​​claim.

Then, Lydia Markosyan spoke about the UN, being the official representative of Western Armenia in Geneva, as well as about the free right to participate in the sittings of the New York office.

RWA MP Ruzanna Khachatryan presented her vision of the RWA, calling for unity and demanding the return of the homeland where the Armenian people have lived for centuries, which today is occupied by Turkey.