Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan posted the following on his Facebook page:

‘‘Additional evidence of deeply-rooted hatred and enmity toward Armenians in Azerbaijan. This time [some] of the posts of real users of Azerbaijani social media:

1) “Armenian women and Armenian children should be killed” – a member of the Bar Association of Azerbaijan.

2) I do not feel sorry for the Armenian child. The best Armenian is a dead Armenian.

3) The surviving Armenians must be killed and tortured before killing.

4) I want Armenians who have been stripped naked and raped.

5) Rogue Armenians must be killed and eliminated from this planet and all those who are on their side must be killed in the same way.

The main issue here is that the same words are used in the mentioned publications as the Azerbaijani authorities and cultural figures. Moreover, both Azerbaijani and Turkish sources are in these publications.’’