The following is reported on the Facebook page of Hayern Aysor (Armenians Today) media platform:

“Gunshots were fired at St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Armenian Cultural Center in Marseilles. The incident took place on January 24 at 6:40 p.m.

The Cultural Center is the headquarters for coordination of Armenian organizations. During the war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), it coordinated the humanitarian aid being sent from Marseilles and southern France to Armenia.

Prior to this, similar incidents have taken place in Berlin, San Francisco, Paris and Dessin where the statue of Komitas and the Armenian Genocide memorial were vandalized. The “Grey Wolves” Turkish extremist group, which was banned in France, was involved in these operations.”

The Embassy of Armenia in France has expressed its concerns over the attack, mentioning,

“The attack on the cultural center of the Armenian church in Marseille is deeply concerning. We reaffirm that any act based on ethnic affiliation and provoked by hatred, such as the recent Turkish-Azerbaijani encroachments against Armenians and the Armenian cultural heritage in France, must be ruled out”, the statement says.