On the 7th day of the seminar, the President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan presented the approaches and proposals of the European Parliament referring to Armenians.

Recalling the decision on genocide adopted by the European Parliament, which clearly states that although the Council of Europe recognizes the genocide against Armenians in 1915-1917, Armenians have no right to make any demands against Turkey.

Analyzing the decision made by the European Parliament, the President called on deputies and government of the RWA and the Armenians all over the world to not accept this point and to submit applications to the deputies of all countries, including the European Parliament, in order for this bill to be reviewed. As he mentioned, the fact that Artsakh is a part of Armenia, approved by the decision of the League of Nations in 1920, should be included in the point.

Touching upon the Artsakh President’s policy of independence of Artsakh, he reminded that Artsakh has been a part of historical Armenia since 1920, there is no need for independence, and in general the current policy is mostly not right, as we should follow the idea of unity and not separatism, having Western Armenia as a basis.

One of the statements of strategic developments discussed during the seminar says: “We must work to preserve the integrity of the Armenian state”. Prime Minister Seda Melikyan stressed the role of the deputies of the parliament in this important matter, proposing to prepare for sending new letters to European Parliament, as well as to make laws Western Armenia will benefit from.