Today, on January 28, the Republic of Armenia celebrates the Army Day, the 29th anniversary of the RA Armed Forces. The decree on the RA Ministry of Defense was adopted on January 28, 1992. The date was included in the RA calendar on January 6, 2001. 

During the war of 2020, our army suffered a heavy blow from the enemy, many of its  soldiers gave away their lives for their homeland.

We all have a huge duty towards our martyrs and inexhaustible work to build a new, modern, powerful Armenian army, which, learning from the experience of the past war, will be able to ensure the security of our country in new conditions imposing its will on the enemy.

Western Armenia is grateful to all the devotees of our army – soldiers, officers and volunteers who joined them. Peace and eternal memory to our martyrs, patience and consolation to their families.

The Armenian army is the only guarantor of our peace and security in this difficult region.

Happy holiday, Armenian army.