On the 9th day of the seminar, President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamyan made a speech while Prime Minister Seda Melikyan answered the questions of those present.

The important articles of the Treaty of Sevres referring to Western Armenia were discussed during the seminar.

They noted the fact that the Treaty of Sevres was ratified by a number of important countries, but not by Western Armenia. The Government of Western Armenia ratified it on June 24, 2016, when the Constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia was regulated.

Presenting the position of Western Armenia, the President said that the parliament and government of Western Armenia should continue the struggle only in a legal way, without interfering political issues, otherwise they may face political opinions with no legal basis.

They discussed future programs, in which great importance is given to the patriotism of young people.

The government of Western Armenia intends to support 10 students a year with scholarships to study at Eastern Armenian universities.